I'm not stopping until a Cup is won

A year ago this blog concept started with, well, no real point other then to stop leaving my inane rants on other people's blogs. 169 posts later and no one has shot me. Meaning you all have terrible aim.

A short recap in the life of TYC:

- a spot on look at a Vancouver team everyone thought would suck
- the first of what would become likely way too many drunk blogs
- had too much fun mocking other players including fellow Canuckers
- being eternally linked to Taylor Pyatt no matter what I do
- having 15 seconds of fame
- being charitable enough to care and vocal enough when the hate was appropriate
- getting a massive spike in traffic from the delay in the new Canuck logo

My first rant recapped the terrible trade acquisitions from the previous year (Mika Noronen is still dead to me) so, in sticking with tradition, let's punch the heifer again shall we?

Bryan Smolinski signs a one year deal with the Montreal Canadians
Smoke, we hardly knew yee. He did serve briefly as a second line pivot for Naslund, but then dropped back a bit and eventually got 7 points in 20 games. He did provide some key offense for the Canucks in the ever-painful first round series against the Stars, but then managed to disappear in the second round (as did much of the squad) against the Ducks. I never really minded Smolinski; he wasn't lights out for the Canucks but certainly wasn't terrible, so he's a good definition of what happens with most rental players.

Brent Sopel is at home picking his ass
I'm sure someone like the Wings, Isles or even Tampa will throw money at Brent and his high hair care needs. I don't care; if you've read this blog at all during the playoffs, you'll know I don't like Sopel. People can claim he's a top four defenseman all they want, but his production is .25% off from his best season in 2003-04 and, when our team was floundering on offensive in two playoff rounds, Sopes notched precisely 0 points in 11 games (he missed one game because he can't hold a cracker). He brought very little to the team in his second tour and I hope the new rule is he can only return to the franchise after he retires for some back office job.

Honestly, thanks to all of you who read this from time to time and enjoy (or hate) what you see. I do this with no other goal other then to have some fun and it's made all the better by you good people. I think some hockey bloggers and fans out there are some of the nicest, intelligent and dedicated fans I've ever seen and it's nice to be a part of all of this. So thank you all again and let's get ready for another year of the best damn sport there is.


alanah said...

Congratulations on the year, Mike! A lot of great posts, with a healthy dose of hockey-hatred... always a good thing. :)

Knotwurth Mentioning said...

As a relative newcomer, congrats! Quite a first post you had there -- I wish I had been witness to the introduction! Keep on with the good blogging!

Zanstorm said...

Congrats on you fucking birthday! Mine was last month. You didn't come to my party, ya jerk (sniff sniff)

Keep up the good work though.

I have a spike in traffic with the Nucks jersey as well. I guess we won't see it until training camp though, it seems.

Mike said...

Alanah - you're a fine inspiration for the rest of us.

Knotwurth - thanks man, it's strange to think it's been one year. And oddly enough some of my problems with the Canucks are exactly the same!

Zanstorm - sorry I forgot your birthday...then again, you forgot to add me into your canuck blogger road trip. Sure, all the B.C. kids get in on it, but no NYC leg to the trip? Buggery :)

Schnookie said...

And oddly enough some of my problems with the Canucks are exactly the same!

It's got to be good to know that at least the Canucks are going to keep giving you material, right? Right?

Congrats and happy birthday!

Rinslet said...

Happy birthday to your yankee blog!!!! XD and you know you like being eternally linked to Pyatt. You can't hide that full-size poster of our resident pb magnet in your bed room, Mike! You know I saw it!

Mike said...

Schnookie - The Canucks are definitely good for giving material. Have you seen how many Vancouver bloggers there are? We're a downtrodden bunch, be kind. All of us can't have a string of Cups in a parking lot in the Meadowlands now can we? :)

Rinslet - Are you jealous Pyatt likes me more then you? I think you are...I'm on to your little game!

Rinslet said...

*sniff* You always had to steal the cute ones. :'(