Kick the tires and light the fires big daddy

OK, took a bit of screaming at my machine to get everything lined up, but the new site is open.

From here on in, please check out the new one and correct your links if your blog/site was (ever so kindly) linking over to this one -


Nude underneath my clothes

So, yeah, I've been bad. Hockey season is just getting churned up and I disappear. Sorry about that; the result of being stretched in a million different directions at once.

I've not stopping blogging though. Seriously. I'm more focusing on getting the other site ready for opening night so I'm going to go ahead and go dark on this site the rest of the way. The next post will link over to the new site and you good blogger individuals can change your links and we can have a grand old love in.

In the meantime, enjoy those preseason games, rampant groin pulls, pylons on tryouts and Vigneault chuckles for the next two weeks. I'll be back shortly.


Damn Yankee

My humble apologies...I've been doing that whole work thang the past few weeks which has involved a liberal amount of travel, leaving me to rely on the ball of chain of corporate America (the Canadian BlackBerry naturally) to follow the Canucks and the rest of the NHL through pre-pre-preseason.

I can say, however, in the next few weeks I will wrap up my NW preview ending with the Vancouver season preview of sorts before I switch this blog over to the new site (hint hint) and then we'll be full throttle for October 5th and the Sharks.

In the meantime, I'm going to ignore the fact that our vaunted defense is ALREADY injured and focus on that lovely clock in the top corner of the page. It's just clicking right on down isn't it...Oh Dave, you are one for drama aren't you? Here's hoping Raymond Mason is the second coming of Gretzky, Christ and the Rescue Rangers all rolled into one.



You call this a jersey? It doesn't even have your name on the front of it! Nice try asshats, it'll look great on you when Aucoin goes through his first groin injury, you spend most of the winter months losing on the road and Keenan pegs Tanguay with a cup full of ice in the face and then screams how he's going to skullfuck his mom's eyesocket's after he rips them out with a spoon...all because Alex looked at him. Yikes.

Also, the Sharks are officially out of their minds and I am 100% certain now they will not make the Cup finals. But, hey, he can do this. Clearly worth a cool $500,000.