Good times are close

The NHL brains released the 2007-08 schedule today and your Vancouver Canucks have some particularities you should be aware of:

Oct 5 – Home opener against the Toskala-less Sharks
Oct 6 – First view of Mike Keenan having a coronary as leader of the Flames
Oct 10 – The “seriously-we-still-have-Hatcher?” Flyers come to GM Place
Oct 13 – First of many victories of whatever the Oilers eventually look like
Oct 19 – Unless he gets injured that quickly, perhaps the Canucks finally get a crack at King Cloutier (which means, yes, he will be injured)
Nov 9 – The mulleted militia in Denver invites the Canucks in for a fireside chat
Nov 16 – The “Wild” make a brief appearance in GM Place and then promptly leave winless
Nov 27 – Ducks come to Vancouver. Bert comes to Vancouver. Pronger comes to Vancouver. Pick your poison.
Dec 8Sidney comes to town with the baby Pens in tow. Don’t bother trying to get tickets, it was sold out while you read this.
Dec 18 – Canucks host the Devils. Yes, it’s going to a shootout. Plan you evening accordingly.
Dec 31 – NYE game on the road against the Flames
Jan 3 – The no good filthy rotten Rangers will lose to the Canucks in GM Place. Oh yes.
Jan 8 – The Islanders make a showing in B.C. See the above prediction.
Feb 1 – Luongo returns to Florida to embarrass his old team

Some other highlights?

Oh, you again?
Best month for home games – November (8 in total)

Who are you guys?
Most away games in a month – December and March (10 games each)

Why you son of a bitch…
Final 9 games against NW opponents – EDM (2), CAL (3), MIN (2), COL (2)


Rinslet said...

You forgot the "YOU SUCK" after "TUUUUUUUUUURCOOOOO"

Mike said...

Good point! How silly of me :)

jacksonh said...

You forgot the most important one. Fri Oct 26, Canucks roll into the capital to put a hurting on the capitals. My closest NHL city, so I will be there.

Unfortunately, the caps are so terrible that it's probably a roll of the dice on whether I will get to see Luongo play. Given that it's right inbetween two red wings games, I'm guessing I get to take a good look at Sanford.

Looks like that is going to be the only visit to the coast (as long as you don't count the florida teams). You going to try to go to a game this year?

Mike said...

Argh...yeah, a good point. With the Atlantic division on the road and the Northeast not on their at all, it would likely have to be the Caps or Blackhawks. Christ, god bless NHL Center Ice.