Excuse me Egon…You said crossing the streams was bad

What else can yours truly possibly add to the incredibly asinine development out on Long Island that yielded a mind-numbing 15-year contract worth $67.5 million to one Rick DiPietro? It doesn’t even give proper justice to the lunacy of all of this to even try and recap all of the completely piss poor decisions that have occurred this summer alone (and we’re giving the word “piss” a poor reference here…at least peeing feels good).

One may want to remind King Rick that he can use this money to buy the requisite therapy one would naturally need if you too were locked into a decade and a half goaltending gig where the top defensemen in front of you include lumbering Tom Poti and Brendan Witt.

You have to feel bad for the fans of the Islanders. How much more can these good god-fearing people take from management? C’mon, it’s bad enough they live on Long Island…you’re going to screw them again by ensuring their team is pathetic for over a decade???