Shove the NHL into your pigment

Far be it for me to rain shit on people and their personal preferences, but a recent comment to Alanah about the mere possibility of some mortal soul walking around with a Dan Cloutier tattoo etched on them for life had me thinking about other skin-altering hockey tributes people may have. Well, thank you Google (and specifically The Hockey News), because suddenly I’ve lost a bit more hope for the future of my species:

(Interesting selection of teams with this one)

(Bert? You badass...)

(I'm sure this guy or girl is psyched for next year's schedule...)

(Brian Gionta at 800 years young, still going strong)



And finally and regrettably....

(Insert wide-eyed disbelief here)


Zanstorm said...

Having Messier engraved is better than Roenick still, right?

Mike said...

You think? Messier angers me far more...Roenick is just silly. Messier is evil (say it like Dr. Evil would, you'll see what I mean...)

tessie said...

Roenick said last night he's going for the Sampson look .. getting strength from his hair .. and when asked about Crosby .. said he was really good looking!

Mike said...

Tessie - really? Leave it hockey players to try and bring the mullet back! That'll help sell it in the south I guess!

Zanstorm said...

Hey Mike, tag! yousa are it! Golbez started a hockey blogosphere questionaire called "If I was a hockey player"
It's pretty thought-provoking and leaves room for shitloads of humor. The questions are on Hockey Rants or my site if you want to copy them, alright?

alanah said...

God these tattoos scare me Mike. Thanks for that, really... thanks.

Mike said...

You know, in ten years, you'll have half the 2006-07 Canuck roster tattooed on your body. Admit it now and free yourself from the guilt!