We’re #1…in elevated blood pressure and children hearing us curse

What an appropriate picture of sir Bobby Lui there. On the one hand, it captures that moment where he realized he beat his old team in a tight game. His elation must have been huge and we should give him props for not, in the heat of the moment, skating over to the nearest live mic and telling Mike Keenan to go do humanity a favor and slit his own wrists with his teeth.

On the other hand, the fact that he’s on his ass with a random puck hanging out near the crease also reminds you how damn close Luongo himself was to blowing the seven game streak. Van Ryn and Campbell’s goals were laughable; the only thing the TV cameras didn’t do on after those goals was show Auld on the bench snickering like a school girl.

It’s fun to have a formidable winning streak and a few points in hand against the rest of the division, but this team has to get back to soundly beating teams in regulation. It’s great that Vancouver can get a tan while surfing this lucky wave they’re on, but something tells me any more sunshine blown up their ass will result in them going back to their November sucktitude of no goals and questionable goaltending.

We’ll see what happens against the Wild on Thursday. Go 'nucks go!


Zanstorm said...

I am wondering the same thing. Will they go back to the suckitude?
Matt Cooke said after last game that they were a new team in Oct-Nov and needed time to gel. Maybe he's right. I get a feeling that this team is actually good enough to NOT go on a massive losing streak anymore. I think they have found their stride, even if the winning streak ends.

Mike said...

See, I would hope they're not bad enough to go on a massive losing streak. But like the rest of the NW, their margin for error is razor thin. And the more one goal, OT games they have, the more likely that a few bounces won't go their way and those are huge points, especially considering the rest of the NW have more games against each other at this point then Vancouver does.

So I hope they keep winning. But it would be great if they start winning in regulation and/or with more then one goal. Just my two cents...if they can take the cup in May with one goal games the whole way, then I'll buy all Canuck bloggers a steak (shit, did I just write that?)