I could have sworn I've heard this before. Oh RIGHT, it was after the lockout when these two were allegedly being shopped together only for one of them to eventually sign in Vancouver and then try and sweet talk the other to follow him, which meant naturally they ended up as far apart geographically as the continent of North America and its tectonic plate permit.

He's not coming here, give it up. If he does, I'll eat a puck. Or an entire rabbit. I don't care, you choose.


The Chief Canuck said...

I totally agree with your argument except for one thing. This is the first time I've heard Naslund actually admit to saying he's 'doing what he can'.

Mike said...

Really? It just sounds so much like the same thing that happened in 2004 after the lockout. I mean, I wouldn't be adverse to Forsberg if he came cheap, but his best healthy years are far behind him. He's far from the long term solution this team needs.