Up here [points to head]? I'm already gone...

Good game by the Canucks last night. This team just keeps finding different ways to get one goal wins, although they really have to stop taking so many penalties. Seriously, it's getting stupid and this will kill them in the playoffs. Also, like the super detective I am (in my head), I am on to you Sami Salo. Sure, the Finnish McInnis blah blah blah...first you woefully miss the net and the puck caroms directly to Daniel in Anaheim and then the same thing last night to Ironman Morrison? You're missing on purpose buddy. Carom Salo, he who wants to miss the net by 5 feet just to confuse their D, “I miss therefore I am”. Not everyone can do the slap-pass anyway. Your secret is safe with me.

By the way, is it terrible to take pleasure in the misery of others? Golly, I hope not.

Some quick musings…

1. It's great (for the sagging NHL TV ratings if nothing else) to have plenty more Buffalo/Ottawa games. Not since the Red Wings/Avalanche have I seen so much anger from all parts of the ice, from the goalies to the coaches.

Secondly, I now firmly endorse Ray Emery for, well, just about anything. Sure, decking Biron is like beating up an 8 year old girl, but turning to take on Peters while SMIRKING in the process? Well, damn, you're full on son. A guy after my own heart.

Lastly, what the hell is the rest of the Ottawa squad doing watching a goon take on their goalie anyway? Did it not occur to any of them to go defend him? Or take the suspension and jump over the boards to get Peters off him? Now that I think about it, how great would it have been if Brian Murray did it? Aww, Saturday could be fun.

2. Has anyone noticed how much fun the Islanders are having at just not sucking this year?

3. Someone tell the Bertuzzi clan that Todd’s domain expired. And, thus, I cannot access his valuable archives which includes killer chili recipes and pictures of Todd on a pink bearskin rug with a basket full of puppies.

Nevertheless, I am happy. All this Vancouver winning stuff has got me enjoying hockey with the wide-eyed wonder of a child. Like, say, this lad:

I'm right there with ya kid.


The Chief Canuck said...

What team is that ice girl from? And I'm with you on Emery. that was good stuff last night. Beside's Emery's smirk, I loved the shot of Murray standing up on the boards in his suit!

Mike said...

That's one of the Thrasher Ice Girls...this and this were my favorites. That other one seems to be suggest Thomas needs some love.

The whole scene was fantastic (assuming that is Drury isn't actually injured). I think sportsnet noted that Rob Ray was sitting between both Ruff and Murray. Ahh, the fun!

hoopsjunky said...

That second pic deserves some sort of "Caption This" post. ;)