Sweet Christ it’s morning already?

I thought it was my hazy insomnia that made me see Bulis and Santala scoring. Apparently not. Granted, you can give Vokoun an assist on the Bulis goal but it’s damn interesting that this team is 27-5-5 since Christmas and are now in the hunt for the President’s trophy of all things. And, in comparison with other top teams, they’re being powered by virtual no names. Forsberg and Kariya vs Bulis and Santala? Ha, suck it Trebek.

Luongo now needs five more victories to break Bernie Parent's record of 47 wins. Lui is assaulting so many records this year and giving that Crosby character a run for that chunk of Hart metal. God bless you Mike Keenan.

I missed this story, but I love the southern hospitality response towards Tony Gallagher. Nothing like getting your ass handed to you in bulleted format.

8 games left and the Sharks, Wild and Stars are all the best bets as first round targets. I’ll need a great deal of beer to stomach a minimum of four games of staring at Modano or Lemaire.


Jenny said...

welcome bak i missed your blogging